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Passionate entrepreneur helping people start a digital business. Let's Join Forces and Conquer The World!
“Only through focus can you achieve world class things no matter how capable you are” 
(Bill Gates)
Hello my friend and welcome to an opportunity to change your life! 

A little about me…..

I am a very competitive person by nature, I played sports growing up and my father taught me to never quit! He criticized my play at every game, pushing me to be better! This was engrained in me as I grew up. I never wanted to disappoint my parents or anyone in that matter, so I became somewhat of a people pleaser. I went to school because I thought it would make my parents proud, got a good job as I was told to find a stable career and kept pushing myself, taking any opportunity that came my way, realizing now, that it maybe wasn’t for me, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but how could I say no?

I was scared to leave what was comfortable, what I could do without really thinking about it. Well, where did that get me? 20 years later, yes promotions along the way, but now I was working more hours with more responsibility with the majority of how I spent my time being decided by a corporation, not me……ugghh! I wasn’t getting ahead, I was getting overworked!
Now as a wife and mother of 2 young children, my priorities have changed, as I would assume it would for most parents. 

I DID NOT want to continue:
 • trading my time for money and not getting a say of when I worked and how much I was paid
 • dropping my kids off for 10hrs a day, having someone else basically raise them, to work on someone else’s vision and not creating my own
 • to be responsible for the performance of other people. I would rather be focusing on my goals and my personal development to grow myself to be the best I can be for my family
 • coming home mentally exhausted form work, not to mention what time I was getting home
 • living pay cheque to pay cheque, holding out for my annual performance pay increase and maybe a 1% cost of living increase….ugghh….that is not even keeping up with inflation
 • not having the time or money to enjoy the things that actually brought me joy

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~Albert Einstein

How was I supposed to get ahead? I knew if I could find way to work as hard as I do for the corporate world but work for myself, it would be possible. Imagine putting in over 40 hours a week developing yourself and your own business, during the hours of your choice! That was just a dream for me. Being in business for myself was scary…the risk vs the reward, that is why most people stick to their corporate job, because it seems safe!

 They say that if you want to be successful, find someone else doing it and learn from them. Well I could not afford to buy a franchise, but I needed a system. I could not afford to pay for more schooling, nor did I have the time, but I needed a mentor to teach me. I did not have time to go out and network, but I needed to be around like-minded people to learn from and challenge me.

Well here it is! I came across this opportunity, as I am sure you did, by scrolling through my newsfeed. Was I skeptical as all get up? Absolutely! I knew the digital world is where I wanted to be, as it is where the world is going, so I followed and researched for almost and year and finally pushed myself to the possibility of what if, instead of worrying about what could go wrong!

You will not achieve your dreams as the person you are today, because if it could, you would already have achieved them! Something about you and your life has to change and only you can make that happen!

Stop worrying about what other people think, that will get you nowhere! Stop limiting your beliefs based on your past, it is not who you are, it’s just where you have been. Start believing in yourself and start pushing yourself to want more! You deserve it!

You are already here, so you I know you have a desire to change something in your life and I would be grateful for the opportunity to show you how! I am no different from any one else, I just want to live my life on my own terms and help you do the same!

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

Nicole Clark

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